Policies for Expenses

Computer Purchase Policy

Computers, printers, hard drives, and appropriate software are essential, necessary purchases for medical students.

Maximum allowed budget adder: $1,500 (Twin Cities students) and $1,500 (Duluth students).

Students must submit documentation for the computer purchase, such as a purchase agreement, bill of sale, or store receipt.

Financial aid counselors will advise on the most appropriate loan program to use.

Requests for a computer loan must be made within the loan period the computer was purchased. We may not be able to process a loan request retroactively if your loan request occurs outside the loan period of the purchase.


For Year 1 students, documentation must be submitted by June 1, 2024 for loans provided during the 2023-24 academic year. Years 2 and 3 students must apply by July 26, 2024. Graduating Year 4 students must apply by November 1, prior to graduation.

For current students, maximum budget is $1,500.

Transportation Policy

Transportation costs are built into the standard budget, which factors in maintenance, parking, and insurance expenses for medical students.

Transportation allowances are as follows:

Year 1: $5,000 (fall, spring, summer)
Year 2: $6,000 (fall, spring, summer)
Year 3: $6,000 (fall, spring, summer)
Year 4: $4,000 (fall, spring)
Year 1: $1,836 (fall, spring, summer)
Year 2: $2,014 (fall, spring)

If you qualify for financial aid, the above standard costs for transportation may be funded by scholarships, loans, or other sources of aid.

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