Rights & Responsibilities

You have a right to:

  • Accept, reject, or seek adjustment to your financial aid offer without prejudice
  • Know how much aid you will receive each semester and when it will be disbursed
  • Know the terms of any employment program offer you receive
  • Know the interest rate, amount, and repayment starting date for any loans offered to you
  • Meet with a financial aid counselor and review your financial aid record
  • Request a financial aid counselor to review any decision you feel warrants consideration due to an emergency or circumstance beyond your control
  • Receive answers to any questions you have about financial aid

You have a responsibility to:

  • Apply annually, for each academic year you wish to receive financial aid, following the procedures and deadlines listed in the application and notification material
  • Provide complete and accurate information
  • Make sure that when communicating with the Medical School Finanical Aid Office via email regarding your student financial aid business, you use your University-assigned email address
  • Notify the Medical School Financial Aid Office of changes in your enrollment status, financial status, scholarship awards, or Graduate Assistantship appointment and the Office of the Registrar/One Stop if your name changes
  • Update your Current Mailing Address at www.myu.umn.edu under the My Info tab whenever a change in your address occurs
  • Notify the Medical School Financial Aid Office if you are the recipient of any non-University of Minnesota educational loans and/or any non-University of Minnesota scholarship funding
  • Report to your University employer and the Medical School Financial Aid Office if you cancel from classes or terminate your studies
  • Attend an entrance and exit interview and repay all loans according to the terms of your truth-in-lending and promissory note forms
  • Refrain from disorderly conduct as defined in the Student Conduct Code
  • Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress toward your Medical School degree
  • Read all information published by the Medical School Financial Aid Office