The mission of the University of Minnesota Global Medical Education and Research Program is to promote an exchange of international educational, research and other scholarly opportunities for medical students.


The primary focus of the Program is on the education of medical students. In addition to promoting a bi-directional exchange of students between the University of Minnesota and appropriate organizations within developing and developed countries, the Program supports faculty members engaged in medical education and research abroad.

The Office

The Office serves as a coordinating center for the purposes of:

  • assembling and disseminating information to students and faculty about global health programs
  • updating and having readily available for University of Minnesota students and faculty information about third and fourth-year elective experiences in global health.
  • collaborating with the Dean's Office and faculty to assess and evaluate the quality of sites and the educational value of student experiences at those sites
  • organizing lectureships and other activities related to global health
  • collaborating with foundations and other organizations involved in fundraising for the purposes of the Global Medical Education and Research Program


Shannon Benson, Program Coordinator

Sarah Kesler, MD, CTropMed®, Course Director

Drs. Phil Peterson and Paul Quie were founding directors of the GMER program from 1998-2014.



Shannon Benson

Office location

Mayo Building, Room C311
420 Delaware Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Mailing address

Global Medical Education and Research Program
University of Minnesota Medical School
420 Delaware Street SE
Mayo Building, Room C311
Mayo Mail Code #329
Minneapolis, MN 55455