Years 1 & 2 Medical Students

Thinking about an elective abroad in Year 4? 

If you are interested in participating in the Global Medical Education and Research (GMER) elective (INMD 7565 - Global Health Abroad), visit the GMER office to discuss opportunities available to you.

Summer global health opportunities for medical students between Year 1 and 2

The summer break between the first and second years provides an excellent opportunity for Global Health-related activities. Students are encouraged to apply for a Walter Judd Fellowship which provides financial support for such experiences.

Research in Global Pediatrics - interested in pediatrics, global health and clinical research? This opportunity would include data analysis, literature reviews, working with an attending, which would result in a publication.  No travel included - twin cities opportunity.  Contact GMER if interested.

Floating Doctors - Panama.  The Floating Doctors Mission is to reduce the present and future burden of disease in the developing world, and to promote improvements in health care delivery worldwide. 

Child Family Health International - CFHI's 40+ programs in 11 countries connect students with local health professionals and community leaders transforming perspectives about self, global health, and healing. 

Mfangano Island Student Opportunities - Center for Global Health and Social Responsibility - At the Mfangano Field Station, UMN students work under the guidance of a local community-based organization, the Organic Health Response - Ekialo Kiona Center (OHR-EKC).  There are opportunities for learning experiences related to community health projects.  Students can be involved with either programmatic or research activities.  There are no clinical training opportunities at the site. 


Funding options for summer opportunities

Global Health Programs and Events - Center for Global Health and Social Responsibity:

  • Global Health Case Competition - a unique opportunity for graduate and undergraduate students from multiple schools and disciplines to come together to develop innovative solutions for 21st century global health issues.
  • Global Health Student Advisory Board - is an interprofessional global health student group.  This committee of student representatives from graduate and professional programs across the Health Sciences works to educate and mobilize the next generation of socially responsible global health professionals.
  • Global-Local Course - An experiential course on the social determinants, health equity, and leading change in Minnesota. 
  • Humanitarian Crisis Simulation - an immersive learning experience where participants play the role of humanitarian aid workers or volunteer responders in a simulated international humanitarian crisis.  Participants learn the foundations of humanitarian response, and apply concepts in the simulation through active teamwork, intense interaction with role-players, and on-the-spot decision-making. 


Orientation for international experiences

collection of online resources from the Center for Global Health and Social Responsibility.

International travel registry for Students

Are you planning on taking your stethoscope with you? If yes, then you are acting as a medical student and you are representing the U of M Medical School during your trip.  

Who must register?

University of Minnesota students including undergraduate, graduate, and professional degree students, medical residents, and fellows traveling abroad for University purposes must register their travel. Registration facilitates compliance with the University’s Education Abroad policy.

What is traveling "for University purposes"?

Traveling for University purposes includes travel:

  • led by University faculty and staff
  • promoted by University faculty, staff, and units
  • funded by the University
  • where credit is awarded or degree requirements are fulfilled.

Examples include work, internships, field study, research, volunteering, conference or workshop attendance, athletic events, and Campus Life Program (CLP) activities abroad.

Travel with a Registered Student Organization (RSO), that is not otherwise funded or supported by the University, and personal travel such as a vacation is not for University purposes.

Benefits of the travel registry

  • You will be provided with a 24/7 emergency contact during your stay for urgent issues that may arise.
  • Complete online health and safety orientation
  • Obtain University-approved international travel and security insurance for close to $45.00/mo

Visit us:

Shannon Benson

C311 Mayo Building

1st and 2nd-year students: 

Visit the GMER office to discuss opportunities available to you.

3rd-year students: 

Interested in 4th-year electives - schedule your GMER 1:1 meeting and start the planning process.