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RPAP relies on rural communities to host students for the 9-month duration of the RPAP program year. Since 1971, 122 rural Minnesota communities have hosted an RPAP student. Community sizes range from 300 to over 30,000 people. Students live and work in their host community at the local clinic, hospital and other health care facilities. Each RPAP clinic site ranges from small Family Medicine practices of 3-4 physicians to large, multi-specialty practices which have dozens of providers. Each clinic provides the RPAP student with a $4,000 stipend which is paid directly to the student. Hosting an RPAP student is beneficial to the community, not only for the teaching/learning opportunities for providers, but also as a powerful recruitment tool for students when they complete their residencies and begin practice. Many RPAP students have returned to their RPAP training clinic and have themselves become preceptors. The interactive map are the sites that most recently hosted RPAP students. A pdf static map that includes All RPAP Communities 1971-2021 can be found below large interactive map. 

Interactive Map of RPAP Communities 2017-2021

RPAP Site Maps

*Sites that are interested in becoming an RPAP training site should visit the New Site Application page.

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