Clinical Housing Program

The Clinical Housing Program aims to provide short-term housing (4 to 8 weeks) for Medical Students as they enroll in clinical rotations in the Twin Cities and/or Duluth. The program connects Duluth-area students to hosts in the Twin Cities, and Twin Cities-area students to hosts in Duluth that are willing to accommodate the student(s) during their clinical experience. 

Information provided by willing hosts will be shared with interested students only; the information will not be public. From there, the student will use this information to reach out to hosts and begin a conversation about a potential stay. It is up to the host and student to work out final details regarding the stay.

To help mitigate housing costs, a stipend is available for qualified students. We ask that students try and arrange housing first to see if the stipend is necessary.  Some community hosts do not require housing payments, so the stipdent would not be warrented in these situations. If the stipend is needed, please click on the form below to see the requirements and apply for the stipend!

Student FAQs

Who are the HOSTs?

The Clinical Housing Program hosts are University of Minnesota Medical School students, residents, alumni, faculty, community leaders and members, or area physicians who have volunteered to participate in the program.

What if my plans change and I have to cancel?

  • We understand that plans may get altered and as that you contact your host as soon as possible to let them know about the change in plans.  
  • Please inform the Alumni Relations Office at 218-726-8806 or email Christiana Kapsner at
  • You will also need to change your schedule through the Schedule Changes Request Form

What can I expect from the hosts?

We ask the hosts to provide accommodations in their home, a place to store food, a way to get access to the home, reliable wi-fi access and access to a washer/dryer.

Do I need to do anything after my stay?

All students are asked to send a thank you note to the person who hosted your stay as soon as possible following your rotation. Then, contact the Alumni Relations Office with any exciting information, photos, or other experiences.

Who do I contact in case of issues?

Please call the Alumni Relations Office at 218-726-8806 or email Christiana Kapsner at


What are the responsibilities of a host?

Providing housing for students while they are on rotation in Duluth or the Twin Cities. Generally, rotations are 4 or 8 weeks long.

How do I sign up to be a host?

Please complete the online form. You may also contact the Alumni Relations Office at 218-726-8806 or email Christiana Kapsner at Your information will then be part of a database of housing options for students to use. Students will reach out to you individually to set up a potential stay. 

Do I receive compensation for hosting a student?

You may indicate your expectations around compensation, if any, in the Become a Clinical Housing Host Form. It is possible that the students will be able to provide some monetary compensation, although the spirit of this program is to make the housing costs affordable so students have the opportunity to rotate in these communities.

What should I provide for the student?

  • A bed and sheets to sleep in
  • Reliable wi-fi
  • A way to get access to where they’re staying
  • A place for them to store their food
  • Access to dishes to use to prepare food
  • A washer and dryer available for their use