Clinical Scheduling

COVID-19 UPDATE: Our routine scheduling process and procedures have changed.  Depending on your request, this information may not be the primary resource.  Feel free to email with the details that brought you to this page.


Initial Schedule Planning

Work with your advisor to plan a curriculum program for Years 3 and 4 that meets your educational needs, interests and long-range goals.

Scheduling System (MEdIS 2.0)

Making Schedule Changes

For requesting 3rd and 4th year clerkship schedule changes that students cannot make themselves in MEdIS, they must complete and submit the following form.  There is a section in the form to attach documents if approvals are needed. Students should expect to receive a response within 3-5 business days.

Before submitting a request, please review the information below for common schedule change questions and concerns.

If students still have questions after reading the Clinical Scheduling Manual and the information here, they should feel free to submit a form submission with the information filled out to the best of their knowledge, and provide more details in the comments sections.

Schedule Change Request Form

Things to Check

Financial Aid and University Health Insurance

If students have questions about how changing their schedules might impact their financial aid, email Kristin Basballe at  Per semester, 3 credits are needed for student status and 6 credits are needed to be eligible for University health insurance.  More information can be found on the Financial Aid website.


The MEdIS scheduling system allows students to add/drop/move most electives on their own up until the schedule deadlines for those periods.  Before submitting a schedule change request form, students should check in MEdIS to see if they can make the requested change on their own.  

Lane Scheduled Requireds

Students can add required courses to their schedule on their own in MEdIS, but cannot drop or move them.  Core lane requireds will only be moved with very extenuating circumstances. Please contact Dr. Pereira to discuss the possibility of moving requireds from the lanes.

Credit Totals

Students must pay attention to how making scheduling changes will affect their overall credits.  

  • 76 total for graduation

    • 8 hands on

    • 8 advanced selectives

    • 12 other elective credits (do not need to be hands on)

    • 48 required credits (all required clerkships)

Course Capacity

Check course capacity in the Course Directory to verify that there is availability in the course, specific to your site and period preference.  This is updated in real-time from the scheduling system.  Double check the selected academic year in the upper, right corner.

Things to Do


For some changes, you may need to reach out to receive approval for the change.  In the form there is a section where you can attach a pdf of this approval. Common changes that require approval are below.

If the course is an arranged elective:

  • Approval from Course Coordinator or Director

  • Global Health Abroad

    • If students are adding GMER credit (INMD 7565), they must follow instructions outlined here.  Statement of approval from Shannon Benson can be attached when submitting the form.

  • Away Rotation

    • If students are adding an away rotation, they must visit the Elective Away for Credit site to submit the away rotation application.  This will then go through the approval process and if approved will be scheduled for students.

If it is past the add/drop deadline, schedule changes require extra steps for processing because they not only involve the Office of Medical Education, but also numerous course/site personnel and your fellow students.  If students want to request a change past the add/drop deadline:

  • ADD

    • Approval from Course Coordinator or Director

  • DROP

    • Assistant Dean of Curriculum

  • MOVE

    • Combination of the two above

  • Site change in the same period

    • Approval from Course Coordinator or Director

Advanced Requireds

(EMMD 7500 and INMD 79XX)--Students can add required courses to their schedule on their own in MEdIS, but cannot drop or move them.  Approval is not needed from Med School personnel. Submit the schedule change request form to have these dropped or moved.

Arranged Electives

Arranged electives require coordinator approval to be added to the student’s schedule.  Attach a pdf of email approval when submitting the form.

For research courses or clinical arranged courses that students would like to schedule after initial scheduling, they must take the following steps to get these added to their schedule:

  1. Email the course personnel to ask permission to add.

  2. If the coordinator approves, attach that email when submitting the form.

Students may not add arranged courses before initial scheduling unless specified in the initial scheduling process. Please see the most recent Clinical Scheduling Manual for specifics about initial scheduling of arranged courses.

Since students need permission to add this, students are also not able to drop these courses on their own.  While permission may not be needed to drop, send request to drop via the schedule change form.

Schedule Change Request Form

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