Clinical Experiences

The Clinical Experiences team is committed to supporting the Guiding Principles of the Office of Undergraduate Medical Education, through oversight and support of required and elective rotations during the clinical phase of the MD program.

To that end, the University of Minnesota Medical School clinical curriculum is designed to introduce and reinforce skills including communication, physical exam, patient assessment, patient care management, and professionalism. In addition, faculty have defined the types of patients and clinical conditions that medical students should encounter, the appropriate clinical setting for the educational experiences, and the expected level of medical student responsibility.

Co-curricular efforts to support students in the clinical curriculum include Epic 101, a streamlined online orientation to Epic for UMN Medical students that allows you to spend less time orienting at each clinical site and more time with patients, and recommendations of best practices for Medical Student Documentation, with the new allowance of verification of student documentation rather than requiring re-documentation by the teaching physician (or resident).

Student clinical experiences, including preclinical clerkships, required foundational and advanced clerkships, and specialty electives, are scheduled at clinical sites in the Twin Cities metro, Duluth, and greater Minnesota.  

Question about clinical rotations, sites and preceptors, or curriculum in general? Contact us:

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Dr. Katherine (Betsy) Murray, MD, MPH - Assistant Dean for Curriculum

(612) 626-4244 |
B-626 Mayo

Dr. Jessamina Blum, PhD, MEd - Director of Integrated Education - Clinical Science

(612) 625-2621 |
B-635 Mayo

Katie Krasaway, MBA - VALUE and FLIIC Coordinator

Janell Lopez - Clinical Education Manager

(612) 625-6253 |
B-673 Mayo

Andrea Medina - Canvas and Curriculum Specialist

612) 626-2520 |
B-685 Mayo

Clinical Education Coordinator - TBD


Duluth Regional Clinical Coordinator - TBD