Domestic Away Rotations

Elective away rotation timeline

2021-2022 Statement on Medical Student Away Rotations

For the 2021-2022 academic year, the University of Minnesota Medical School will adhere to the Coalition for Physician Accountability's recommendations on away rotations [updated 4/14/2021]. Limited exceptions will be considered, including military away rotation requirements. Contact your academic advisor with questions about other possible exceptions.
For the 2022-2023 academic year, we have not received updated guidelines; however, we will plan on following further recommendations from the Coalition for Physician Accountablity. Updated guidelines will be posted here once available.

Away Rotation Basics

Preparation for Applications

Apply for Away Rotations

  • VSLO Fees and FAQ
  • VSLO Application Instructions - Guides put out by VSLO on how to utilize the system.
  • For direct applications, please enter if asked for an email for verification.
  • Once students have accepted away rotations, they can complete the INMD 7554/7555 application, also found in the course directory, to have it added to their schedule.
    • INMD 7554 - Not Hands On
    • INMD 7555 - Hands On
      • An away rotation qualifies for hands on credit if the student spends at least 50% of the time devoted to direct patient care and/or performing activities of a professional in that specialty.

Attend Away Rotations

  • To receive a grade for the course, students will work with the rotation to have a performance assessment completed. The clinical performance assessment form can be used and uploaded with this link. The form and upload link can also be found in the course directory.
  • Students must complete an evaluation of their elective away in MedHub after the completion of their course.
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