Domestic Away Rotations

Elective away rotation timeline

2020-2021 Statement on Medical Student Away Rotations

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, please see this statement regarding limitations to away rotations for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Away Rotation Basics

  • Away Rotation Basics and Frequently Asked Questions - General information on who typically completes and away rotation and why, which may help in deciding whether or not completing an away rotation is the right fit.
  • Program Director Survey - Report that is put out by NRMP each year that gives information about what program directors are looking for with applicants from all specialties.  Includes information about the importance of away rotations.  Scroll down to bottom of the page for the links.
  • Away Rotations by Specialty from the GQ 2019 Questionnaire - This fact sheet provides the number of away rotations reported by U.S. medical school students who graduated in academic year 20182019 and responded to the 2019 Graduation Questionnaire (GQ), by intended future specialty.
  • Faculty Advisor List

Preparation for Applications

Apply for Away Rotations

Attend Away Rotations

  • To receive a grade for the course, students will work with the rotation to have a performance assessment completed.  The clinical performance assessment form can be used and uploaded with this link.  The form and upload link can also be found in the course directory.
  • Students must complete an evaluation of their elective away in MedHub after the completion of their course.
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