Simulation Experience

We harness the power of simulation to help our students integrate the “knowing” and “doing” of clinical practice. Our simulation facilities and resources create realistic environments and situations where learners can become intellectually, physically, and emotionally engaged in providing health care.

SimPORTAL acts as a point-of-entry for educational activities involving simulation, providing assistance with space, equipment, and technical support. All students experience these simulations in required clerkships, plus extra practice is available, as determined by the department and instructors.


This center offers 18 clinic rooms furnished with ambulatory care equipment and supplies, along with a large classroom for faculty to remotely watch live student performances or provide supplemental instruction. The center’s resources are available both in and out of its facilities.

This center supports dynamic group experiences in a highly flexible setting, with three large simulation rooms, a procedure room with space for task trainers, and a classroom. It also houses human patient simulators, two Immersion CathSim task trainers, and many other skills trainers.

This center offers several high-fidelity training tools, including adult, child, and baby manikins as well as a birth simulator. In addition, the center features task trainers that create realistic learning experiences for clinical situations involving the pelvic area, ultrasounds, and heart, breath, and bowel sounds.

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