Abdulrazak Esse, MD

Dr. Esse

Name: Abdulrazak Esse, MD

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Undergraduate: University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, MN

Hobbies? Traveling, reading, Basketball, mentoring, and empowering minority students for a successful career in medicine

Languages you speak? English and Somali

Furthest I've traveled from home? China, and it was quite an experience

Favorite activity in the Twin Cities? Outdoor activities and exploring various restaurants around town.

Why I chose this specialty? I chose to be an internist/hospitalist because I am continuously honing my skills as a physician managing complex and challenging cases in an acute setting. Not only am I able to manage chronic diseases, but I am also able to address preventative health measures to my patients to help them lead a healthy and satisfied life. Hospital medicine also allows to me work very closely with many subspecialists as we strive to collectively provide the best possible medical care to the patient.

Why Medicine? I pursued a career in medicine because of my love of science and my desire to help people. Medicine is a lifelong learning process and is also a bit like being a detective. The patient tells you their complaints and through the interview process and labs/imaging/consultants, you arrive at a diagnosis. Sometimes you are right and sometimes you need to do a bit more detective work. I enjoy being able to learn, diagnose and treat patients and help them during their time in the hospital.