Jenny Zhang, MD

jenny zhang


Name: Jenny Zhang, MD

Hometown: Born in Minneapolis, mostly grew up in Roseville, MN.

Undergraduate school attended: University of California - Berkeley

Hobbies: Soccer, going to the dog park with my dog Buffy, SCUBA diving, traveling, trying new foods, hiking, really any outdoor activities. I also love binge watching shows on Netflix. Favorite show currently is Schitt's Creek.

Languages I speak: Mandarin Chinese

Furthest I've traveled from home: China, but I consider that my second home :)

Favorite activities in the Twin Cities: Anything around the lake -- walks, paddle boarding, swimming. I learned how to cross-country ski last year too which has made winter much more enjoyable.

What is your specialty: Family Medicine

Why I chose my specialty: I love the continuity of care that allows you to build meaningful relationships with patients and take care of multiple generations of families. I also love the community-centered aspect of family medicine. It truly provides holistic care that sees individuals in the contexts of their families, communities, and environments. I have a strong passion for health equity, and I felt that family medicine was the specialty that would best allow me to fill in the gaps in care, especially in underserved areas.

Why Medicine: I spent a lot of time in college dreaming about different career fields, such as non-profit work, public health, environmental science, and research, but in the end, I realized that medicine was the perfect career that would allow me to address all my areas of passion. Medicine is an exciting career path that can take you many different directions and help people through various avenues, whether it's through direct patient care, advocacy and policy, research, or education. It's a career where I will always be able to find something that invigorates me.