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graduationThe Office of Learner Development is committed to supporting physician trainees in their Performance and Wellbeing efforts. Toward these goals, we hope you find the attached videos and handouts helpful for your own self-guided efforts. Please know that staff in the Learner Development office are also available for individual consultations as well - please follow up with us as needed.

Scott Slattery -

Maryanne Reilly-Spong -


Choosing Between UMN Campus Mental Health Resources - linking coming soon 

Guide to Healthy Sleep (NIH)        

Tips for a better night’s sleep - link coming soon 

Mental Health Resources & PSP: Making Connections    

Managing Seasonal Symptoms - link coming soon

Managing Stress 

  • 4 Circles approach
  • Stress reduction (MBSR)
  • Soft belly breath awareness
  • Grounding - what is it?
  • Grounding - for stressful situations
  • Grounding - for promoting a sense of calm and wellbeing 

Tips for Managing Test Anxiety - link coming soon

Tips for Managing Seasonal Affective Symptoms - link coming soon

The Role of Exercise in Mental Health and Wellbeing - link coming soon

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