V.A. Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship (VALUE LIC)

VALUE: Veterans Affairs Longitudinal Undergraduate Medical Education (VALUE) clerkship is a Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship at the VA Medical Center in Minneapolis that offers 3rd-year medical students the opportunity to work with and follow patients over an extended period of time; developing an appreciation for continuity of care while completing the majority of their core clinical competencies over multiple disciplines.

During the VALUE elective, students are provided the unique opportunity to work on a team quality improvement and safety project, making a tangible difference with the potential to earn a certification.

An Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) curriculum is provided for VALUE students during the clerkship. The goal is for students to develop a firm understanding of evidence-based medicine principles and possess the tools, knowledge, and curiosity to further develop and refine their skills through their training with the aim of becoming self-directed critical thinkers and evidence-based physicians.

Lastly, interprofessional education knowledge and skills are taught through simulation, case presentations during interprofessional conferences, and attending interprofessional conferences lectures.

Clerkships Completed


  • Psychiatry
  • Neurology
  • Internal Medicine
  • Surgery


  • Outpatient Selective
  • Radiology
  • Specialty Choice Elective
  • VALUE Elective: Quality improvement, Evidence-based Medicine and Interprofessional Education

Previous Student Remarks

  • “I believe that one of the most meaningful lessons I have learned thus far in the VALUE clerkship is what a gift it is to be trusted with so much patient information—in terms of their health, obviously, but also their life experiences." - VALUE Student
  • “We had an excellent professional and personal relationship as a group, and this is an advantage that I did not consider going into the year but has been a huge contributor to my positive experience." - VALUE Student
  • “The longitudinal relationship with preceptors facilitated my learning because I was able to gain their trust and was thus allowed to function with a high degree of autonomy Being in the same hospital for 10 months opened the door for several interprofessional experiences” - VALUE Student

Educational Themes

Offer extended relationships with patients and preceptors while completing the required clerkships.

Program Objectives

  1. VALUE students will develop and apply skills to deliver patient-centered, interprofessional (IP) clinical care.
  2. VALUE students will become competent in the principles and practice of Quality Improvement and Patient Safety (QI/PS).
  3. Students will demonstrate the ability to appraise and assimilate scientific evidence and design and present a scholarly presentation.

Unique Project

Quality Improvement and Safety with the potential to earn a QI and Patient Safety and Leadership certificate, interprofessional education, and Evidence-Based Medicine.

Nacide Ercan-Fang, MD


Erin Wetherbee, MD


VALUE Coordinator