Financial Aid & Cost

What is the cost of the Flexible MD?

There is no cost. The Flexible MD program is a "cost of degree" program, meaning that the cost is included in the general cost of your degree. Participation may effect your financial aid. For more information on how your financial aid might be effected contact the financial aid office at

Requirements for continuing to receive Financial Aid

Students may have the option to continue to receive financial aid during their Flexible MD experience. 

All students are required to meet with the Medical School Financial Aid Office prior to submitting their Flexible MD application/proposal. This helps insure all participating students fully understand the financial aid and student service fee options available to them while on their experience.

To continue to be eligible for financial aid, students must:

  • take a minimum of 6 medical school credits per semester (e.g., Independent Research Electives, GMER, etc.).
  • if taking registered, credited courses at the University of Minnesota and outside of the medical school as part of a dual degree or additional degree, apply for financial aid through the main campus or college.
  • if obtaining addition degrees or certificates at another institution outside the University of Minnesota, apply for financial aid through the school with which you will be enrolled.

If your Flex experience does not include registration of at least half-time (3 credits) per semester please be aware of the following financial considerations:

  • Your federal student loans will enter repayment after a 6 month grace period of no enrollment (assuming you have not used your grace period previously). Speak to a financial aid counselor if you have other Institutional Loans.
  • At the end of the grace period your federal student loan interest will capitalize and become part of your principle balance; as it did upon graduation from Undergraduate or other Graduate coursework.
  • At the end of the grace period you will begin repayment on your federal student loans; and are encouraged to apply for an income-driven repayment plan to greatly minimize your payments (payments could be $0 to $110/month based on average medical student debt after year 2). 
  • When you return to Medical School and resume enrollment your federal student loans can be put back in to deferment for the remainder of your Medical School enrollment.
  • Please note that your student loan grace period does not reset; and therefore you will begin repayment, again, shortly after graduation.
  • Students who utilize the University Student Health Benefit plan and are on the plan the semester prior to leaving on a FlexMD experience can request continuation coverage of health insurance from Boynton at a similar cost to the Student Health Benefit Plan. Contact Boynton for information and details at 612-624-0627.