Oversight Committee

Flexible MD Oversight Committee

The Flexible MD Oversight Committee is made up of staff from both the Twin Cities and Duluth campuses and meets three times a year to review and approve new student proposals, make recommendations to applicants, and to review progress reports from participating students.

Any student wishing to participate in the Flexible MD program must submit a complete application proposal to the committee and receive approval prior to beginning their experience. The Committee meets in early March, June and October.

Committee Members

Scott Davenport, Director, Student Affairs TC Campus, daven016@umn.edu

Jess Blum, PhD, M.Ed, Director of Integrated Education - Clinical Sciences TC Campus, jblum@umn.edu

Addy Irvine, Academic Advisor TC Campus, abrickwe@umn.edu

Michael Kim, MD, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs TC Campus, mikekim@umn.edu

William Slattery, PhD, LP, Director of Learner Development TC Campus, slatt008@umn.edu