The Process

The Flexible MD process has three phases: Apply, Participate, and Return.


  1. Reach out to your Academic Advisor with any questions about process and options.
  2. Complete your application as completely as possible. But do not submit! First you must...
  3. Meet with your Academic Advisor and the Medical School Finacial Aid Office to review completness of your applcation and to review the process and discuss various options you have related to timing, clinical scheduling, academic credit, and financial aid and student service fees.
  4. Make any post meeting changes and edits to your application.
  5. Submit your final application. Fill out the application completely, with signatures.

Once a student submits their application final application, it is reviewed by the Flexible MD Oversight Committee. The committee will weigh the educational benefit of that particular student's experience and the goals they have set for it. The Flexible MD Oversight Committee meets three times a year to discuss applications received and will grant permission to students to participate and also make specific recommendations to approved students. Note: Applications have strict due dates.

Once a student is approved, the medical school's Office of Student Affairs will contact the student with specifics and in conjunction with the Curriculum Department and their Academic Advisor will then work with the student to prepare them for their experience, making sure the student meets any experience requirements and to ensure the student's individual medical school schedule is set-up.


Once a student is approved and is participating in their experience, they will be required to submit individual progress reports every three months. Prior to returning to the regular curriculum, students will be required to submit a re-entry plan.


Ten weeks prior to to returning to the regular curriculum all student are required to submit a re-entry plan to their Academic Advisor. This re-entry plan helps to ensure the student is well prepared to return to the regular medical school curriculum and that they understand all the graduation requirements they still need to complete. Upon completion of the experience all students are required to submit a final report, due a few weeks after their return. The final reports allow participating students to summarize the experience they had and offer feedback to the Flexible MD program. These final reports are then displayed for interested students to use as they decide if the Flexible MD program and any related experience is right for them.

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