In order to participate in, and remain in, the Flexible MD program, students must:

  • choose an experience that serves as a significant enhancement of the standard curriculum and is designed to achieve personal educational goals.
  • submit a complete Application/Proposal for the Flexible MD program, which must be reviewed and approved by the Flexible MD Oversight Committee prior to the beginning of the experience.
  • have successfully completed all prior coursework prior to beginning their experience.
  • be in good academic standing.
  • be able to participate without jeopardizing academic progress in other required courses or competencies.
  • if participating in a research experience, have a research mentor who has direct knowledge of the research experience and who will guide the student, as needed, throughout the experience and help to ensure students reach their stated goals
  • submit a final report upon completion.
  • senior students must apply by the June meeting of the Flexible MD Overview Committee of their fourth year. Applications will not be accepted post residency match. Applications from fourth year students will not be accepted after the June Committee meeting of their fourth year.
  • students wishing to begin an experience following their second year of medical school, and prior to beginning clinical rotations must complete the USMLE Step 1 exam by the end of the year 3 summer clinical semester.
  • students must continue to meet all requirements for graduation while on their experience.

Failure of participating students to meet any or all requirements may results in the student being asked to return from the experience.

Requirements students must maintain while participating on their Flexible MD experience:

  • Blood Borne Pathogens Training - all medical students are required to have completed both the Introductory and Advanced BBP training modules
  • Background Study - A passing background study is required for all medical students. Two components of the background study process must be completed: an initiale Background study (online), and a fingerprinting and photograph (in person) 
  • Basic Life Support - all medical students are required to be up-to-date with their BLS training. BLS certification is good for two years.
  • Immunizations - Immunizations must be kept up-to-date. All medical students must meet immunization requirements as a condition of enrollment
  • HIPAA (Privacy and Security Training) - All students are required to complete all HIPAA training modules assigned to them.

Students can check their status on these requirements in MEdIS - under the “Compliance” section.