Options & Ideas

Types of academic experiences students may participate in include:

  • Research
  • Community-based service learning
  • Fellowship
  • Global health opportunities via the Global Medical Education and Research (GMER) Program
  • Advanced courses, certificate programs, or additional degrees
  • Dual degree programs (excluding the MD/PhD program)

Examples of Possible Experiences

Potential scenarios for students taking advantage of the Flexible MD might include:

  • A medical student might want to pursue a dual degree, such as an MD/MPH, or to do a year of research before beginning clinical rotations.
  • A medical student who would typically be entering his third or fourth year, and who has an interest in neurology, believes his future patients would benefit if he more deeply delved into the knowledge base of neuroscience. He would like to take more courses in neurosciences. Perhaps he takes on a summer research job in the lab that becomes a research project he follows throughout the rest of his learning experiences leading to the M.D.
  • A medical student who from her first day in Medical School has been involved with a clinic treating homeless youth and families in an urban area decides on a goal. She wants to organize a group of medical students and concerned citizens to appeal to the State Legislature for a policy change leading to dedicated health-care funding for poor and underserved populations of the state. She requests a semester to pursue this goal.

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